We now offer a affiliate system , you can recommend us to your friends or other people who are interrested in cryptocurrency!

YOU WILL GET 25% of the returning bitcoin amount from the person(s) who made the deposit. Directly to your Wallet. Their profit is your profit!

Give them a positve impression about our site or just hand out informations about us. You can write a personal note or you just can copy this example text below.

This is the url, which you need to be a part of our new affiliate system, simply copy and paste in your bitcoin wallet into the url and you are ready to go! :
https://cryptgenius.site/?r=your coin address
The is an example of how it should look like :


Share your text with the affiliate-url in forums, blogs, email's, facebook groups or in youtube comments etc. and you will get bitcoins without doing anything for it! You can share the text as ofter as you want.

You will get your return after 2-3 confirmations, this process can take up to 15 minutes.